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Mads' ENVE Melee

Mads' ENVE Melee

“This is my first disc brake bike, I’ve always been happy on my rim brake bikes. But I wanted a fast race bike with integrated bar/stem and just a clean looking bike. With a fast bike in mind there were no doubts after Enve released the Melee.

I’ve always been a big fan of Enve, and when they bring out something new you know it’s not something they made overnight, it’s been tested and quality is super high as with all their other products. After one ride on the Enve Melee I was sold.

The nice thing is that you can choose which components you want, stem length, handlebar width and seat offset/no offset. But also you can choose between all their handlebars. Pretty cool as that’s the first thing you normally change on a new bike and spend lots of money on.

I went with aero bars and with the best wheels on the market in my opinion: The Enve SES 4.5. Groupset is Shimano Ultegra di2 12sp, the new 12sp stuff works so well. Fast shifting, easy to setup and brakes feels amazing.

I live in Girona and it’s the perfect setup for here, from fast roads to steep climbing. I’ve even used this bike for bike packing and it was still super comfortable, love the fact you can put up to 35mm tyres if needed. I also went back home to Denmark for nationals and the bike was flying, no excuses when it comes to the bike.

To make it a bit more personal I changed the decals to chrome red to match my CeramicSpeed OSPW. It’s not hard to tell my favourite colour, if you look at all my bikes. But red is just fast, it’s been tested in wind tunnels as well. Just ask Ferrari.” - @mads_richardt_lundh



As one of the best mechanics, fastest riders and nicest guys you can find in Girona, the rave review above holds triple the weight of your typical custom bike connoisseur.

But don’t just take our word for it - we have a full size range of ENVE Melees in our Girona demo fleet, ready to rip around our local roads.

And better still, we can build up a brand new ENVE Melee with your preference of wheels and finishing kit, ready for collection or shipping to your door in no time at all.

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