Training Camp

Training Camp

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Its the time to lay the foundation that will allow you to build a successful summer season, be it racing, key Gran Fondo events or just bagging Strava KOMs in your local area. As a professional rider for 10 plus years Christian Meier has been through plenty of pre season training camps and his experiences form the base of this camp .

We will start this 5 day camp with an FTP test to gauge a starting point and allowing us to keep your work limited to your specific zones. From there we will work on base miles mixed with come different efforts that you can take home and continue to use to help progress throughout the winter period. As the training camp series continues throughout the winter, we will also start to incorporate more specific training sessions as the competition season draws closer! Rides will predominately be focused around base miles and structured endurance efforts that will be individualised. Come and train like a pro. Available with or without bike rental

*Price is based on double or triple occupancy depending on the size of the apartment. Self-catering are available upon request.

Flights, airport transfer and travel insurance not included

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Dates 2020:
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