WHY? Argonaut Cycles


We love steel bikes and we believe a lot of people will really enjoy steel.

However, there is definitely still a place for carbon. And when it comes to carbon fibre, Argonaut Cycles is an incredible option.

Argonaut is a relatively new brand for us, but already they are amongst the most compelling, unique bikes at The Service Course.


Their creator, Ben Farver, is from Bend, Oregon. He used to live in Portland, a town where there’s a steel builder on every corner. He was one of them, but he realised that if he wanted to be relevant in Oregon he was going to have to do something else.

Ben started looking at carbon and he became fascinated by what you can do with it, above all how you can manipulate ride quality with the different layups of fibres. So he jumped right into it.


A lot of Ben’s philosophies on ride quality come from working with steel. The quality of flex, for example, is something he really takes into account. The result is a carbon bike that tends to feel like a steel bike: snappy to ride and beautifully comfortable.


In the case of every Argonaut bike, there’s someone crafting something very beautiful and very tailored.

Every Argonaut is double custom: custom geometry and custom layup. You can make a bike feel however you want it to feel and the amount of detail that goes into the ride quality is what makes it so special.

All of the bikes are finished with beautiful colours. Ben is extremely professional–very detail focussed–and is working hard to develop and do some really cool things in bike building.



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