WHY? Legor Cicli


Mattia Paganotti is the man behind Legor Cicli.

The name Legor comes from the word for a hare in the local dialect around his home city of Brescia in northern Italy. Now based in Barcelona, Mattia builds lithe, classic steel frames whose Italian heritage is clear from just one glance.


Paganotti learned his craft from the steel maestri of Italy, including Gino Lissignoli, who first taught him how to weld, and Tiziano Zullo, with whom he spent a two year apprenticeship.

Most recently, Paganotti gained inspiration from the late Dario Pegoretti, whose blend of classic geometry and eccentric styling–including his famously wild paint schemes inspired by artists including Jean-Michel Basquiat and Mark Rothko–is equally apparent in every Legor to leave the workshop.


Paganotti’s own inspiration comes from skateboarding (think nostalgia coupled gracefully with the avant-garde). With three road models and a gravel model–or more or less any custom build you might desire, really–his bikes blend classic Italian geometry with a modern edge, honed in the gravel trails of Collserola, Paganotti’s two-wheeled playground on the edge of the city, and the streets of Barcelona.


Mattia’s creations form the core of the bike rental fleet at The Service Course, and many of the fabulous custom creations that pass through the shop doors on their way to their happy new owners bear the name Legor.


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