WHY? Speedvagen


The first bike I bought when I retired, the first steel bike I ever owned, and my favourite bike to date, is a Speedvagen.

- Christian Meier

Speedvagen was the first bike builder we brought into The Service Course.

We instantly fell in love with the brand: its personality, its aesthetic, and the details of the frames. We love their colour schemes and we love the super-sexy seat stays with the S-bend.

It’s why we offer Speedvagen both in our rental fleet and as custom builds.


Speedvagen are from Portland, Oregon. It’s a project of Sacha White, who was building custom bikes at the Vanilla Workshop. Speedvagen came out of the idea to build a race-oriented, custom geometry steel bike with a quicker turnaround.

You could have something within two months or less, rather than two years, which was the waiting list for the Vanilla Workshop.


Sacha has spent 17 years producing bikes, and in doing so forging a reputation as being one of the best builders around.

There are only one hundred or so Speedvagens born per year, and every one of them has over 150 hours dedicated it.

The attention to detail is second to none.



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