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Argonaut Cycles = The A-team

Argonaut Cycles = The A-team

“Argonaut is all about ride quality. Our sole purpose for being is to make the best riding bike in the world. From the minute you throw your leg over an Argonaut you should feel one with the bike, that you’re on a magic carpet and never want to get off. We achieve this superior ride quality through best-in-class engineering, craftsmanship, and quality control. Oh, and everything is 100% made in the US.

The Argonaut Custom RM3 is custom as custom gets, down to the individual strand of carbon fiber. Our custom bikes are made to order and custom in terms of both the geometry of the frame *and* the layup of the individual plys of carbon fiber.

We customize the geometry according to the rider’s fit and riding style, and customize the layup of the carbon inside the frame specific to the rider’s weight and power output. Custom layup gives us the ability to tune the ride of the bike to a very specific, and exact flex characteristic.

We look at flex from three directions of force: vertical, horizontal, and torsional. Because we use unidirectional, pre-impregnated carbon fiber throughout the frame we can control the three flex characteristics independently of each other.

For example, Rider A weighs 75kg and is able to put out 450 watts for 3 minutes. Rider B weighs 75kg but can only put out 350 watts for 3 minutes. Rider A’s and Rider B’s bikes would have the same vertical bending stiffness values, but Rider A’s bike would have higher torsional stiffness values so that the frame responds appropriately to the higher torsional load.

No other bike company does this like Argonaut.”

Ben Farver, Argonaut Cycles

In other words, quite simply, Argonaut = the A-team.

And we could not be prouder to be working hand in hand with them to deliver some of the most incredible road and gravel bikes on the planet.

You can see - and even better - *experience* the brilliance of these bikes first hand here in Girona thanks to our fantastic demo fleet, with road and gravel options ready to ride in various sizes.

Book online via the link below, or get in touch with our Girona team with questions and we’d be delighted to help.

Argonaut RM3 - Road - (sizes available: 50, 52, 54cm)
Argonaut GR3 - Gravel - (sizes available: 51, 53, 54, 57, 59cm)

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