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Argonaut Cycles

“Argonaut is all about ride quality. Our sole purpose for being is to make the best riding bike in the world. From the minute you throw your leg over an Argonaut you should feel one with the bike, that you’re on a magic carpet and never want to get off. We achieve this superior ride quality through best-in-class engineering, craftsmanship, and quality control. Oh, and everything is 100% made in the US.” Ben Farver, Argonaut Cycles


Argonaut Cycles make custom carbon bikes out of Bend, Oregon, owning the entire process from carbon production to painting. They are driven by a singular purpose: to take your unique performance requirements and transform them into something real. Each layup is matched to each client, such that no two Argonaut geometries or layups are the same.

Lead builder Ben Farver began his career with steel but, frustrated at being unable to control the materials, he started working with carbon. While most custom carbon fibre framebuilders work in the tube-to-tube method, Argonaut makes what Farver describes as ‘modified monocoque construction’ frames, moulding sections of a frame, such as the head tube with partial down tube and top tube, in single pieces before bonding them all together. This allows fibres to flow continuously across high-stress areas, meaning less material is needed to ensure strength, and, more importantly, there is wider scope to play around with the layup. More of the frame can therefore be tuned to serve the rider’s required characteristics. It is this level of extra refinement that raises Argonaut to the top of the game.

Ben Farver - Catalyst

Argonaut Cycles: Cutting edge custom carbon bikes, made in the USA.

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