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Founded by Sacha White out of Portland, Oregon, Speedvagen is known for its refined, exceptionally good-looking frames. Each one takes 150 hours to build, and they only sell 111 a year.

Jaw-dropping colour palettes and immaculate paint work (done in-house) sets Speedvagen frames apart, but balance is the central tenet of their frame-building philosophy. Every curve and line of a Speedvagen frame is designed to look and work perfectly together – no single detail outweighs another, and the hundreds of these little (and big) details add up to make a bike that will deliver the lively, all-day comfort, and that "why am I going faster than any other bike I've owned?!" feel that Speedvagen is known for. They only ask one thing from their customers: to ride their bikes, and ride them hard.

Speedvagen: Jaw-dropping colour and immaculate paint work, on perfectly balanced frames.

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